Taryn Cowart
Graphic Designer
Portland, Oregon

August, 2019

My colleague Violet Peña and I will be in residence at The Strange Foundation in upstate New York. If you’re around, say hi!

June 2019

I wrote a short piece for Desk Lunch.

Some colleagues at Instrument and I worked on a piece for Figma’s blog, designsystems.com — Why we build design systems: an agency’s perspective

October 2018

Doing a Show & Tell at PSUGD

July 2018

Reading Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown and trying to be an adult who writes things. Clarifying my design methodology. Scheming with Sarah Baugh. Reading the news. Growing melons, broccoli and tomatoes — red, black, and yellow-striped ones.

Not seeking work but always seeking friends. ☺︎