Welcome y’all. I’m Taryn. 🖤

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I’m a Creative Director at Instrument, a digital agency in Portland, where I lead a 🔮 Cosmic 💫 creative team. Over the past two years, I’ve helped launch websites and brands for Greenhouse, Pace Gallery, Intercom and Charge Bikes, re-named disinformation technology start-ups, facilitated a play based on a very wild few days on Slack, and written an article for Figma’s designsystems.com

Instrument has been fun. I’ve been spending my 2020 working on a 🔒 secret product and trying to provide stability, momentum, and care to my team. 🤙🏼

Before Instrument, I was at Rumors. My favorite job ever. We built a lo-fi, easily-updateable site for Sister City. We concepted a browser-based version of Unity. We made websites with Glowbox and a hiking-themed experimental Zion/Chicago hybrid game app with Clifbar. And I got to occasionally design book covers for Verso.

In past lives, I was a designer for Ace Hotel and Scout Books, and did a ton of work with Design Portland and a social practice conference called Open Engagement. I’ve freelanced all over town too, made lots of websites for my mom, and a logo for Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas. 

When I’m lucky, I get to teach classes and workshops at Portland State University:

Fall 2020
DES 470, Design Thesis I, PSU

Winter 2020
WKSP, Brand, Interface, and Prototype, PSU

Fall 2019
DES 441, Interaction Design, PSU

Winter 2018
ART 470, Design Thesis I, PSU

Other stuff…

I gave my first talk this winter at First Round. 

Last summer, my colleague Violet Peña and I did a residency at The Strange Foundation in upstate New York.

I wrote a short piece for Desk Lunch.